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All the repair services you'll need, in one place

- Replacement

- Patching

- Scratch and scuff removal

- Stain removal

- Water damage restoration

Keep your hardwood floor in tip top shape. Hire Martin Hardwood Floors LLC to help keep up with the wear and tear.

We'll help you save time and money

Many problems that you may run into with your hardwood floor can be easily solved without a complete refinish or a full replacement. Save money with a repair.


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Let us make your floor look


Let us bring your hardwood floor back to its former glory

Martin Hardwood Floors LLC offers various small-fix repairs that can help give your floor the facelift it needs. Do you have a few scuffs or stains that you'd like removed? Do you have water damage from the last big storm? We can help!

You'll be amazed when you see what a few repairs could do for your hardwood floor.


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